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Seizure Alert Dogs

Please note: We do not consider training pet dogs for our Seizure Alert Programme.
We acknowledge that some pet dogs may alert their owners prior to an epileptic seizure by displaying a range of behaviours.  In some instances, when a dog learns this task himself, these behaviours could be a result of negative association around the seizure. 

Epilepsy is the most common neurological illness with over 450,000 cases in the UK alone. Only 70% of cases are controlled by drugs, leaving the remaining 30% living with the fear of an oncoming seizure which can occur at anytime.

1000 people with epilepsy die each year and research suggests that most of these are sudden and unexpected.

These deaths may have been prevented with the assistance of a Seizure Alert Dog as they are trained to:
• Give between 10-55 minutes warning prior to an oncoming seizure
• Enable their owner to find a place of safety
• Seizure Alert Dogs have been shown to:
• Increase independence
• Reduce seizure frequency

Support Dogs is the only organisation in the UK to provide and train Seizure Alert Dogs.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Guidelines and Information for the Seizure Alert Program.

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