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Do you have lots of spare time on your hands to give one of our highly trained dogs a loving home once they retire?

We are looking for people to get in touch with us who live within a 2 hour drive of Sheffield, have plenty of spare time on their hands, and who can offer a dog a loving and safe environment to live out the rest of their days. Please note: It is our policy that no dog is left on their own for more than 4 hours at any one time.

We always strive for our dogs to remain within their companions home once they retire, however this is not always possible. On occasions we are faced with needing to find a suitable home for a dog that has either retired from their duties, or for a dog that has unfortunately not achieved the required standard of training. This is why we need caring people like you!

Our dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes so are not necessarily Labradors, but we can guarantee you lots of joy and happiness!

To find out more contact info@supportdogs.org.uk