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Foster Care

We always need people to provide both long and short term care for our dogs in training however you must live near our National Training Centre in Sheffield and the South Yorkshire area to become a Foster Carer.

They work under the guidance of one of our trainers to initiate the basic obedience and socialisation of a Support Dog in training.

Without our team of committed volunteers we simply could not run our charity.

We do not use any kennel facilities for the dogs that are in training, therefore we need dedicated volunteers to become ‘Foster Carers’ for us. This involves looking after our dogs in training at evenings and weekends – the dogs ‘come into school’ Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00.

Our foster carers are under no obligation to take on a dog which they do not want to foster. We have different requirements for each dog - for example we have dogs which need short term foster care which can be as little as the odd evening or weekend (i.e. when the regular foster carers of a dog have gone on holiday). We have dogs that require anything from 4 week foster caring up to longer term fostering of 12months.

We train a huge variety of dogs from Jack Russell’s up to a St Bernard. We also train many dogs that are rescued from animal shelters, dogs that are donated from families who can no longer keep their pet, and sometimes we train ‘career change dogs’ i.e. Guide Dogs who haven’t quite met the grade, but would still be suitable for our needs.

Requirements to be a Foster Carer

•  Must live within the Sheffield area.
•  Must enjoy the company of dogs and care for their wellbeing
•  Be able and willing to get the dog to a vet in case of emergency
•  Follow the basic training requirements of our dogs – such as sitting at doorways
•  Have an fully enclosed garden
•  To follow the diet as advised by the trainer
•  Overall offer a loving, safe and fun environment for our dogs.
•  Mustn’t have children under the age of 2 years


Our Commitment to our Foster Carers

•  We will provide all equipment needed – food, bowls, bed, toys, lead & collar
•  We will do all the routine vet visits. We vaccinate and treat the dogs for fleas and tics
•  We provide training advise for problems you may experience with the dog
•  We have a 24 hour emergency phone number so that we can be contacted in case of medical emergency
•  We cover the costs of any vet treatment

Recently qualified Autism Assistance Dog - Grant and his favourite foster carer - Emma Elliott